Sophie Paris is a social shopping platform and also known as one of largest names in fashion, beauty and home living retail. Sophie Paris offering unique French fashion and beauty. In Sophie Paris we can be a consumers and also resellers at the same time. It give us a life changing opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur. 

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Sophie Paris also connects people both online and offline through our social platform, social media channel, Authorized Business Centres, online sellers and member. Join our growing community and learn how we delivered happiness firsthand and enjoy these exiting benefits as member of Sophie Paris:
✓ 30% discount on all purchases from Sophie Paris catalog
 Lifetime membership with no monthly and annual fees
 Earn extra money on your own from direct selling, rebates and royalties
 Be your own boss
 Flexible hours 
 Get a leadership, fashion and beauty training
 Oppurtunities for local and international travel
 Recognition and awards
 Exclusive acces of member only rewards and promo
 And many more

I am Sophie Paris I am Digital
Sophie Paris give the freedom for member to do activities online and offline to sell and grow their community. Sophie Paris social platform is a combination of:
✓ An intuitive digital to support and empower member
✓ A physical network which leverages the strength of our community to deliver products and to empower our future entrepreneurs
With a pasion of our community and the combined power of digital tools, we can conquer the world 

I am Sophie Paris I am Fashion
Sophie Paris style is designed by our creative designer team who are equally passionate in our goal of giving every woman access to affordable yet stylish fashion!

Make fashion your business 
Join Sophie Paris today!