Lip Cheek Eye Color is a multifunction product that can be used on 3 face area once namely lips, cheek and eyes. With one product you can be more practical and economical on using makeup and you also don't have to bring alot of things on your makeup pouches.
Lip Cheek Eye Color is a multifunction product that perfect on your lips, cheek and eyes, learn more this product of Sophie Paris on our blog!
Pic. Sophie Paris

Lip Cheek Eye Color from Sophie Paris is made for active women and those who prefer practical to be able to look beautiful. This product has a gentle formula with intense and matte result on your skin. You can apply this product as your lipstick, your blush on and also your eyeshadow.

How to use this product is also quiet easy, you can apply it directly on 3 area and blend it evenly to get the desired color intensity. Lip Cheek Eye Color doesn't dry quickly on the skin, so you can easily apply on 3 different area.

Sophie Paris has 9 color of Lip Cheek Eye color, that are Juliet, Cordellia, Cleopatra, Portia, Ophelia, Kate, Rosaline, Miranda and Bianca. You can get this product with an affordable price. And for you, member of Sophie Paris, You will get pretty and also get member benefits. Learn More