A Round bag isn't new shape bags on Sophie Paris, the crossbody duisburg bag for examples. Here now, you will find another kind of circle bags on Catalog Sophie Paris November 2019

It's a round bag trend also, i have seen many people popping up with this shape bag lately everywhere. And every brand in this planet creates their own version, style, material, color and price. And i will share you what Sophie Paris version of round bag below.
Sandrina Bag Round

It's one of my favourite bag with blue colour and its loop strap. I almost forget about a tassel on this bag, it's cute. 

Chamfot Bag

Chamfot bag is a PVC bag combinate with mat design material. It also have a combination colour between brown and yellow. It's a must to have, it's more simple and bigger then Sandrina Bag Round. 
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And another round bags you can find on website of Sophie Paris are:

Clarysa Bag

Clarysa bag was a best seller, it's available in grey, black and red. This sling bag would be everyday bag for you. 

Sorell Bag

It's a sling bag with PVC material. Sorell bag has simple design, simple colour and with a handle to carry.

If you had an experience with all of the round bags above, please share with us on comments column.