Gift-giving is a love language and the other way of speaking. Many people do this during the holiday by giving a gift to their friends, family member or other relationship. That means you have to prepare a budget. 

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How to save on the budget of my holiday gift? I will choose products under ₱100 to save on the budget. I might think an everyday use products to be a gift and i prefer beauty and health products to give. 

1. Mini Classique Lipstick with 40% off from value ₱129

2. Paints & Peel Nail Polish, ₱89. It's easy to remove by wash with water and simply peet it off, because its water based formula. 
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3. Sterix Antibacterial Handwash 80 ml, ₱79. This product would be a great gift since it has something to do with prevent Covid-19.

4. Sterix Hand Moisturizer 100 ml,  ₱89. This one also important to keep your hands clean and moisturized.

If you interested on other beauty and health products, watch whole video below: