What is The Self Inc?

The SelfInc is a rebranding of Sistersel which was previously a rebranding of Sophie Paris, aiming to have a positive impact on every woman's life through the power of unlimited beauty.

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The SelfInc is a beauty from A to Z concept, which not only offers fashion but also offers a range of cosmetics and skincare themed "Beauty Library". The name SelfInc (pronounced: Selving) means a cupboard, a place to accommodate a lot of things or comes from the word "Ourself", while Inc comes from "Incorporation" or business. So it is hoped that with SelfInc, every individual or woman who joins it can choose beauty or fashion products from the brand they want and can become a business for themselves.

Is Sophie Martin Products Still Extant? 

Don't worry, you still can find sophie martin products with Brunbrun Paris and other well-known brands at The Self Inc. 

The catalog for your guide of shopping and selling products can be found below.

Catalog The Selfinc October 2022 by briliantedy on Scribd

So what are you waiting for? Come on, enjoy shopping at The SelfInc right now!